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In the event of inclement weather, the studio will close during this time for your safety. Cancellations will be determined by 3 pm of the day in question. Please check our website at or call 419-305-7761 for a message. WKKI will also post it for your convenience. Classes are not necessarily cancelled when school has been cancelled. Center Stage has no control over the weather; two cancellations per night will be permitted due to weather before classes will be made up.


To reserve your child's place in class, you are to complete a registration form with signatures as well as pay an annual registration fee. The fee is $25 for one student and $40 for a family. At the time of registration, the first monthly installment fee is also due. The fees are to reserve a place in the class and both payments are non-refundable if a child drops the class. 



Tuition is accepted by cash, check (payable to Center Stage), money order, or credit/debit card. Rates are based on total weekly class hours. Family rates are calculated by adding up the total amount of class hours for your family and referring to the tuition schedule. Installment payments are made approximately every four weeks regardless of holidays, absences, sickness, and cancellations due to inclement weather. Rehearsals and performances are counted as classes. You will be charged until Written Notice of class cancellation is received. No refunds or credit will be given for classes missed. The academy reserves the right to modify class schedule as deemed necessary. No statements will be sent out unless you are overdue.. ALL ACCOUNTS MUST BE PAID IN ADVANCE BY THE DUE DATE LISTED BELOW. A $15 late fee will be strictly enforced and applied to your account after the due date (This means it must be at the studio by this date or postmarked by the due date or it will be considered late.) A $30 late fee will be assessed after 7 days.  NSF checks will be assessed a $30 bank fee and cash or money order will need to be given as a replacement. Your child will be asked to observe the class if fees are four weeks past due. All accounts must be cleared before participation in either of our shows and before costumes are handed out. Payments need to be made payable to: Center Stage and may be mailed to PO Box 604, Celina, OH 45822 or by credit/debit card on our website (Add $2 transaction fee for every $50 sent).

Fees can be paid as follows:

*Annually, at the first lesson in August, with a 5% discount

*Semi-annually, at the first lesson in August and the last week of January with a 4% discount

*Monthly, due the first week of class in August and on the due dates listed below.

In addition to instructional fees, costume costs, and class attire costs, there will be a production fee of $25 per student due February 1, 2014.


DUE DATES: First day of class (or by Aug 26); Sept 19; Oct 10; Nov 7; Dec 12; Jan 9; Feb 6; Mar 6; Apr 3; May 8


HOLIDAYS: Sept 2; Nov 26-Dec 1; Dec 22-Jan 5; Feb 17; April 14-20; May 26.



Good attendance is imperative, as absences and tardiness can hold back an entire class. Please make every effort to have your student at every class. There are no refunds for missed classes. 

Students must stay in the waiting area until they are picked up. Students will be signed-in by an adult. No child under 10 may sign in. This is our attendance record. All students should arrive 10 minutes prior to the start of their assigned class to start warming up their muscles. All children need to be picked up within 10 minutes of their last class; otherwise, you will be charged for $5 for every 15 minute interval for babysitting fees.


CSPAA is not responsible for illness or injury before, during, or after the classes at the academy.



Parents are welcome to observe classes when their child is under 6 years old in the waiting area located at the front of the academy. However, this area is to observe your child, not to converse with other parents. The lobby area is for students to relax and do homework during breaks any other time. You may drop off snacks, etc… during your child’s break time, but make sure that you are not loitering. Also, small children who are not participating in class must be under control at all times. Children are not permitted to run around anywhere anytime. Do not allow them to play in the plants, walk on chairs, or play in the bathroom or lobby. We ask that your children have respect for other people's property and to behave here as you would anywhere else. If anyone is disrespectful of our studio, they will be asked to leave. Under no condition are children not participating in dance class allowed on the dance floor. Please treat our facility like the special place it is.



These are available at an extra charge to learn a routine for competition or for extra help. Payment is due at the time of the lesson. If you cannot attend your time slot, notify us prior to lesson or payment will be expected.



Please make sure we have your email address or have you listed on our Facebook page.


All students must wear proper dance attire and appropriate shoes. Hair is to be secured away from the face in a ponytail or a bun. Those with short hair must wear a headband or hairpins to keep the hair away from the face. The teacher must be able to see the dancer’s body to enable correct alignment and placement of the dancer. All students need to wear some type of leotard (jazz pants, leotard, dance top, or booty shorts for certain classes). However, no T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, long shorts or jeans are allowed. Boys wear t-shirt and shorts, no jeans. NO unnecessary jewelry or street shoes are allowed. 

Dancers work harder and stay more focused when properly dressed for class. We know and appreciate the fact that dancewear is an investment; therefore we offer a practical, long-lasting, and reasonably priced product line that is fashionable and durable. All dance shoes will need to be ordered from our supplier when you start classes. Do not purchase shoes other than the brand we use; that way all students have the same style shoe that is necessary for uniformity. A form will be given to you at that time to place your order.



Class size and level will be determined by the teacher. During the first several weeks it may be necessary for your child to be switched to a different class, you will be notified if we think this is in the student's best interest. Do not ask for your child to be moved into a different level. As the teacher, I will make adjustments if necessary, but realize that I have placed your child in a class that will motivate him/her and not overwhelm them instead. The proper physical and emotional development of a performer needs to master specific technique regardless if it’s for dance, baton twirling, or even tumbling skills. The progress of each student differs and students are not to be compared to other dancers, but to themselves. Again, some students will need to repeat certain levels of classes prior to progressing to the next level. It is not a punishment, but should be looked upon as a solution in order for your child to progress correctly regardless of their age.

Please arrive only 10 minutes before class and pick students up promptly after class. We cannot be responsible for children left unattended outside the dance room. Students are to wait inside the lobby for their ride. No gum or candy permitted in the classroom. All drinks and food is to be kept in the waiting area and must be discarded in the trash when done. Be sure to label all belongings with student's initials. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items. 

Students are expected to be respectful and attentive in class to teacher and fellow classmates. No hanging on barres, putting hands on mirrors, or using cell phones during classtime are permitted. Polite behavior and good manners should be displayed throughout the class and lobby. Foul language or actions are not permitted. We are a private studio and reserve the right to dismiss any student or parent who disregards studio policy, shows inappropriate behavior, or upsets the harmony of the academy for any reason.



The recital showcase and rehearsals will be held at the Parkway High School Auditorium on December 21, 2013 (tentatively) and May 31, 2014 (tentatively). Rehearsals time slots to be announced. Please refer to the monthly newsletters for more information as well as a recital packet prior to each showcase.



Our Holiday Benefit Show in December will utilize Holiday Pajamas (no gowns please) that you will need to purchase from a retail store. Each student will purchase a “Finale” T-shirt for this show for $20. 

Our Spring Showcase will utilize costumes. Mandatory costume deposits of $25 per student (except tumblers) will be due on October 1, November 1, December 1 and final balance due on February 1. Costumes range from $45-$50 for Monday & Thursday students per class/style of dance to $50-$80 depending on age and class for Tuesday and Wednesday students per class/style of dance. The initial order is placed December 1, therefore please plan for these expenses ahead of time. Anyone not participating in our Spring Showcase will need to notify me prior to October 1. If final payment is not received by February 1, the costume company will hold your order and you will not be guaranteed a shipping date for your late order. You will also need to include an additional $7 flat rate shipping fee for your costumes to be shipped separately. If your balance is not paid at all, your order will be cancelled and you will forfeit all deposits as well as fundraising monies that have been sent to the company. This is company policy and they will not deviate from this.  You will also be purchasing proper tights, accessories, a production fee and finale t-shirts within this order too. You will receive a statement when you arrive back in January with the total amount due less deposits and fundraising monies. However, it will give totals only not individual costume costs (so do not expect a run-down for each item).

Fundraising is a great way to pay for costumes as well as making deposits in October, November, and December. But please remember, fundraiser monies raised by you that are not utilized for the purpose it was raised for will revert back to the academy and will not be refunded to you. Also, please note that sometimes classes will utilize a costume from the previous year. If this occurs, and a used costume needs to be purchased, it must be paid for by October 1 along with any other costume deposits being made at that time. All used costumes must be handed in by September 19.



Fundraisers will be utilized again this year to help cut the costs of costumes for the recital as well as for registration fees needed by the competition teams. All sale percentages will be directly deposited into your costume account or competition account after all products and monies are received. The first fundraiser will start the beginning of September (monthly Market Day) followed by candles, pies, cookie dough, raffle tickets, etc…Please note that if you quit prior to utilizing your monies, the money will not be refunded to you but will be distributed to other students who participated for that particular fundraiser (such as competitions). If you are raising money to use towards a specific item, it needs to be used for that. Therefore, there will be no refunds of fundraising money to anyone for any reason.



Each month a student will be chosen from each performing arts style of dance, baton, pom, and tumbling for student of the month awards. These students will receive a certificate. At the end of the year show, a student will be chosen from each monthly award recipient to receive recognition as student of the year. We also recognize perfect attendance, 2-3-5-10-15 year students plus many more awards are presented to the students. 


We will also be giving two scholarships (recreational and competitive student) for tuition at this time. CSPAA has developed two annual scholarships to help cover the cost for qualified students. Forms will be available in April and the scholarships will be handed out at the Spring Showcase and will be used for the 2014-2015 season. A portion of each of the fundraising proceeds along with outside sponsors will be used for this award.


As we move ahead into our 19th year, we have some new programs! Our continuing goal is to give your child the most innovative learning experience, while participating in a safe & fun-filled program. Our goal is to make every student feel comfortable within a few classes and to make them feel part of our "family". Our programs build poise, grace and coordination skills while improving self-confidence in a positive, motivational atmosphere. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to "perform" with you.